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By Frontiers Consulting on Thu, 12 November, 2015 01:08:44 PM.
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When you walk into your boss's office for your performance review, you need a game plan. Documenting your accomplishments is a good starting point. But just as important, you need to know how to come out of the meeting with the information you need.

Here are some Experts advice on tips for handling this sometimes tricky conversation:

Ask Questions

If your boss says you're doing a great job, this could mean you're about to be promoted. It could also mean that your performance is just OK, but your boss didn't want to take the time to do a more thoughtful review. To find out which is the case, ask for details. What aspects of your performance stand out to your boss?

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By Frontiers Consulting on Thu, 12 November, 2015 12:51:26 PM.
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Gender equality is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of whether they are a woman or a man.

The aim of gender equality in the workplace is to achieve broadly equal outcomes for women and men, not exactly the same outcome for all individuals. Achieving this requires:

  •  Workplaces to provide equal pay for women and men for work of equal or comparable value.
  •  The removal of barriers to the full and equal participation of women in the workforce.
  •  Access to all occupations and industries, including leadership roles, for women and men.
  •  Elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender, particularly in relation to family and caring responsibilities for both women and men.
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By Frontiers Consulting on Tue, 10 November, 2015 08:52:29 AM.
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The guidelines given here are commonly accepted as appropriate for interviewing. Every company has a different dress code; how you dress at the job may have very little to do with how you dress for an interview.

 -   Dress in a manner that is professionally appropriate to the position for which you are applying. In almost all cases, this means wearing a suit. It is rarely appropriate to “dress down” for an interview, regardless of company dress code policy. When in doubt, go conservative.

-   You should wear a suit to interviews. “Suit” means the works: a matching jacket and pants, dress shirt, tie, coordinating socks and dress shoes. A dark-coloured suit with light coloured shirt is your best option.

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3 vital areas to deploy your sixth sense
By Frontiers Consulting on Tue, 03 November, 2015 09:48:51 AM.
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There are three areas where you can use your intuition continually to make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

MAKING CHOICES: Whether you are communicating or negotiating or buying or selling, or accepting or leaving a job, you are always making choices of one kind or another. Some of these choices are not important, but many of them have potentially serious long-term consequences. Accepting a job, negotiating a salary, or going to work for a particular company at a particular time can have significant long-term consequences. Any decision that's has results that last long after you have made the decision is the kind of decision to which you need to apply your amazing intuitive powers.

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The correct ANSWERS at job interviews
By Frontiers Consulting on Mon, 02 November, 2015 03:27:41 PM.
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Your resume gets you in the door, but your performance in the job interview ultimately gets you the position. Here are some likely questions that may pop-up and how you should respond to them:

- DID YOU EVER HAVE A DISAGREEMENT WITH YOUR BOSS? Your interviewer wants to see how you handle disagreements with higher-ups. Please don't call your former boss names. it doesn't matter one bit whether or not you were right, what they are looking for is if you are able to work things out, move forward, and stay productive.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Wed, 28 October, 2015 11:18:41 AM.
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How do you measure a vision and know if it's compelling?  You check your compass. Every team needs one. In fact every team needs several. A team should examine the following six "compasses'' before embarking on any journey. A team's vision must be aligned with:


A moral compass brings integrity to the vision. It helps all the people on the team to check their motives and make sure that they are labouring for the right reasons. It also brings credibility to the leaders who cast vision but only if they model the values that the team is expected to embrace. When they do, they bring fuel to the vision, which keeps it going.


Where integrity brings fuel to the vision, passion brings fire. And the true fire of passion and conviction comes only from within. Visions spring forth from our intuition. If necessity is the mother of inventions, intuition is the mother of vision. Experience feeds our intuition and enhances our insight. A vision must resonate deep within the leader of the team. Then it must resonate within the team members.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Wed, 21 October, 2015 10:55:49 AM.
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Creating a supportive work environment can help you concentrate and work at your peak. Design and furnish your work space so that it is a place where you like to be. Make sure it has windows, plants, artworks. Music, and other things that sustain you. Consider the following:

  • LIGHTING. Lighting is the number-one contributor to productivity. For best results. Use natural light when possible, or full-spectrum bulbs. Avoid glare, and light various work tasks appropriately.
  • SOUNDPROOFING. Columbia University found that, of all environmental factors, unwanted noise has the strongest correlation to job stress. Other studies suggest that people who work in noisy settings are more likely to become discouraged than those working in a quieter environments. So find a sound level at which you can remain alert but still be able to concentrate.
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Success just shows up your door, right? Not in most cases, for anyone who runs a successful company, it's always a series of smart decisions and attitudes that lead to success. Let’s take a look at 8 real reasons and the must not do in running a successful company.

Never get angry - To be a successful person you must learn to control emotions. You need to maintain decorum at all times. Anger is a way of letting everyone around you know you don't have control of the situation or your feelings. It's better to lead smart, lead with integrity, and save your emotions for the football game.

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As you think about the starters and the bench players on your team, recognize that the future of your team can be predicted by three things.

RECRUITMENT: WHO IS JOINING TEAM? Adlai E. Stevenson offered his advice:there are three rules of sound administration: pick good men, tell them not to cut corners, and back them to the limit;and picking good men is the most important. You cannot build a winning team without good players. When it comes to recruiting, there are really two kinds:you find the player for the position, or you find the position for the player.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Mon, 12 October, 2015 05:02:44 PM.
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A career change is exciting, but it could be confusing. Questions like where do I start from? What should I do? Whether you are tired of your current work and just want something different, or you have a specific career in mind, an organized approach will serve you well. These steps will help you on how to go about it.

Know what you do best. List all the things you like to do, including what you think doesn't earn money. Think about what other people tell you about yourself. If friends say you are good at identifying birds, put that on the list. Make a list of the talents and skills those activities require — identifying birds requires observation skills and attention to detail, for instance.

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How to have a good night sleep.
By Frontiers Consulting on Wed, 07 October, 2015 11:33:41 AM.
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  •  HANG YOUR WORK PROBLEMS ON THE COATRACK WHEN YOU LEAVE WORK. At the end of the day, as you close the door on work, imagine putting your concerns in a special box or basket where you can pick them up in the morning. Write out a to do list or an issue to address list for yourself so you’ll feel confident you won’t forget about something important overnight.
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Success is not a miracle, nor is it a matter of luck. Everything happens for a reason, good or bad, positive or negative. When you are absolutely clear about what you want, you only need to copy others who have achieved it before you, and you will eventually get the same results they have.

Sir Isaac Newton called it the third principle of motion. He simply said "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’’ Put another way, "thought is creative’’. Your thoughts are the primary creative forces in your life. You create your entire world by the way you think. All the people and situations in your life have only the meaning you give them by the way you think about them. And when you change your thinking, you change your life, sometimes in seconds.

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Need a Raise?
By Frontiers Consulting on Tue, 06 October, 2015 03:18:53 PM.
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So you want a raise? Great. But do you DESERVE a raise? Here are some checklist to help you out.

Going Above And Beyond

One of the biggest mistakes people make when asking for a raise is bragging about nothing. Have you done your job and been an average employee? If so, that's not exactly a selling point. That's what you were hired to do and it's what's expected of you. A raise means you're doing more, so show that you've gone above and beyond your job responsibilities.

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5 Ways To Manage Your Boss
By Frontiers Consulting on Fri, 02 October, 2015 03:59:13 PM.
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Stop blaming your boss-It’s easy to blame work-related issues on your supervisor.“The project wasn’t completed on time because of poor communication.” “I’m bored at work because the boss doesn’t recognize my skills or experience.” The first step in managing up is to stop blaming and to take charge. Understand that you can change the relationship dynamics between you and your boss. Make a commitment to take the lead.

UNDERSTAND EXPECTATIONS- If your boss hasn't taken the time to explain expectations to you in detail, schedule a meeting to go over them.

Define your job description, and set goals together. Instead of assuming this will be enough to keep you on track, set regularly scheduled meetings for feedback.

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Coping with Difficult Co-Workers in The Office
By Frontiers Consulting on Fri, 02 October, 2015 03:30:29 PM.
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No two people are exactly alike, but they do share traits - and those traits aren't always positive. Some prefer drama or negative attention. They are everywhere, including the workplace. They might be on your team or sit in a nearby cubicle. It could be your boss, a vendor, The Non-management staffs or a colleague. They're combative, critical or non-productive.

Unless you are very lucky, some probably work with you. You aren't likely to change them, so the best you can do is come up with a plan to mitigate the misery. Here are some steps that can help you in Achieving this goals.

LABEL BEHAVIOURS, NOT PEOPLE.-Understanding the behaviour will help you identify the root of the problem and will likely help you build a strategy for having a more productive relationship with the person, Labelling and rating people limits you. You cannot see the potential in front of you because you're blinded by the label. Label the behaviour instead of the person. 

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