The correct ANSWERS at job interviews

Your resume gets you in the door, but your performance in the job interview ultimately gets you the position. Here are some likely questions that may pop-up and how you should respond to them:

DID YOU EVER HAVE A DISAGREEMENT WITH YOUR BOSS? Your interviewer wants to see how you handle disagreements with higher-ups. Please don't call your former boss names. it doesn't matter one bit whether or not you were right, what they are looking for is if you were able to work things out, move forward, and stay productive. 

- CAN YOU TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF?  This is not an invitation to recount your life story and your hopes and dreams. infact, it's just the opposite. people ask this question not because they desperately want to learn about your life, but becuase they want to see how you adapt summarizing a lot of informations in a short amount of time. Do your best to keep your answer to a minute or two at most.

- WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK HERE? The reason they're asking this question is to see if you've done your homework. This is your chance to prove that you are engaged and proactive because you researched the company before the interview. You should've googled the company to see if they're in the news, what they are in the news for, and to find out if there are any big problems or initiatives either recently launched or on the horizon.Even if the news about the company isn't overly positive, you should still know about it so you can nod to it and then talk about the solutions and how they can help.

- WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU? This is where far too many people who fear self promotion start to mumble, stumble and blow chances. Don't be that person.The trick here is to go back to the job listing and study the exact attributes they're looking for,Identify what they value most and then solely about your qualifications and achievements that directly relate those attributes.

- WHAT ARE YOUR SALARY REQUIREMENTS? This is a tough one and there are lots of people with different advice on how to handle it. Here's our take. Do your best not to throw out a number first. If asked about salary in the interview, say something along the lines of "well salary is important and hopefully we will get to that later, but i'm a believer in seeing if we're good fit for one another first and getting to the financials a little farther down the road". Hopefully that shows them you're a good negotiator, and you're interested in more than just the pay check.

- WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE YOUR CURRENT JOB? This is not a question designed to find out what's wrong with your work place. The best course of action is to be respectful and say something along the lines of "i learned a lot and i'm appreciative of my time there, but i've reached a point where i'm hitting the ceilling on promotions and i'd really like to find a job that presents new challenges".

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02 Dec 2015
Hammed Moshood Olalekan
At: 09:34:12 AM

Really enjoy this tips. More grease to your elbow.

23 Feb 2016
At: 05:48:02 PM

Its been a wounderful time going through your interview tips. Its quiet educative and informative. you guys are doing a great job. kudos to you Muyiwa Afolabi

18 Aug 2016
Joseph Mokwenye
At: 11:37:08 AM

Useful tips. Thanks a bunch.

01 Nov 2016
Chiamaka uche
At: 12:33:11 AM

very Useful tips, thanks

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