As you think about the starters and the bench players on your team, recognize that the future of your team can be predicted by three things.

RECRUITMENT: WHO IS JOINING TEAM? Adlai E. Stevenson offered his advice:there are three rules of sound administration: pick good men, tell them not to cut corners, and back them to the limit; and picking good men is the most important. You cannot build a winning team without good players. When it comes to recruiting, there are really two kinds:you find the player for the position, or you find the position for the player.

TRAINING: you cannot solve tomorrow's problems with today's solutions. If you want the team to succeed as it meets new challenges, you have to prepare it. That means helping starters to maximize their potential and training the people on the bench to become starters when their time comes. If you have leadership responsibility for your team, then take the initiative to make sure everyone on the team is growing and improving.

LOSSES; WHO IS LEAVING THE TEAM? Losing team members is inevitable. But the good news is that you can choose the members you lose. If you keep non-productive people, the productive ones become frustrated and leave. If you remove the people who don't add value, then the whole team gets better. It's just like trimming trees: if you don't cut the dead wood, eventually the whole tree falls. A team will always have gains and losses. People constantly coming into an organization while others leave it. The key to its future success is gaining a more effective person with each loss.

                                                                                                                  Culled from THE 17 INDISPUTABLE LAWS OF TEAMWORK by John C. Maxwell

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