A career change is exciting, but it could be confusing. Questions like where do I start from? What should I do? Whether you are tired of your current work and just want something different, or you have a specific career in mind, an organized approach will serve you well. These steps will help you on how to go about it.

Know what you do best. List all the things you like to do, including what you think doesn't earn money. Think about what other people tell you about yourself. If friends say you are good at identifying birds, put that on the list. Make a list of the talents and skills those activities require — identifying birds requires observation skills and attention to detail, for instance.

List your training and experience. Volunteering counts. Unusual classes count. If you know a little bit about a lot of things, list them all.

Narrow the list to a few possible careers. No more than three or four. Keep changing your list until you feel confident that you'd love a job in those fields and that you would do it well. Then narrow your choices to one career and focus completely on that one.

Keep your old job if possible. Strange but true: you are more likely to be hired if you are already employed. Think about taking a lower-level job in your new field to learn what you need to advance.

Do you need more training? Check out vocational schools and colleges in your area. Learn about specific training and what job placement services they offer. Ask about classes you can take while still employed. Night and weekend programs are often available.

Join a union or professional organization. There are organizations for people in just about any career. One more Internet search can lead you to local or national groups.

When you have the skills and training you need, polish your resume and start your job search. GOODLUCK.

                                                                                                                                                    Culled from by Nancy Brooks




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