Need a Raise?


A Positive Attitude

Do results matter? Absolutely. However, a positive attitude goes a long way in helping your cause. This doesn't mean you have to be best friends with your boss. It means you accept new challenges and you're open to new ideas.

Going Above And Beyond

One of the biggest mistakes people make when asking for a raise is bragging about nothing. Have you done your job and been an average employee? If so, that's not exactly a selling point. That's what you were hired to do and it's what's expected of you. A raise means you're doing more, so show that you've gone above and beyond your job responsibilities.

Unceasingly Reliable.

There is nothing that makes an employer happier than knowing they can turn something important over to an employee they know will deliver. That's why it's incredibly important to do high quality work consistently, meet deadlines regularly, and gain a reputation as someone who always delivers. Because if you can always be counted on by your employee, it's that much more likely you'll be counting some extra money in your raise following positive performance reviews.

A Team-first Attitude.

Great athletes are superb players. But the absolute best stars not only elevate their own game, they make everyone else around them better. If you can show how your actions and individual efforts led to your team's success, a raise will probably be following close behind. If you were a mentor to someone who excelled, be sure to bring that up too because it shows you're not only interested in yourself, but in bettering the people around you as well as the company on the whole.

Confidence and Preparedness

Confidence is key. As simple as it seems, many bosses greatly respect the simple act of asking. Because while some lucky souls get raises without ever addressing it, most of us will never see an additional dime if we don't ask for it. But confidence should always be combined with preparedness for maximum impact. That means not only asking, but having all your talking points together in advance so you can refer to them while talking with your Employer.

Vision for the Future

When a company decides to invest more money in you for the long haul, they're literally investing in the future. That's why, if you're asking for a raise, be sure to lay out new ideas, projects, and plans for both the short and long term. That lets your employer know you're working in the present, but always with an eye on the future. It tells them you're a safer bet to invest in because you're already thinking down the road. 

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