How to have a good night sleep.

  •  HANG YOUR WORK PROBLEMS ON THE COATRACK WHEN YOU LEAVE WORK. At the end of the day, as you close the door on work, imagine putting your concerns in a special box or basket where you can pick them up in the morning. Write out a to do list or an issue to address list for yourself so you'll feel confident you won't forget about something important overnight.
  •  CHASE YOURSELF OUT OF THE OFFICE AT A REASONABLE HOUR. Good bosses make sure their employees go home. Insist that you leave ample time between work and sleep. Allow at least an hour or two to unwind from the workday before trying to sleep. Engage in relaxing, Pleasurable activities before retiring.
  • DON'T WORK IN BED. Reserve your bed for sleeping and other pleasurable,relaxing activities.
  • AVOID STIMULATING FOOD AND BEVERAGES LATER IN THE DAY. Caffeine, sweets, and salty and fatty foods keep you wired.
  • KEEP YOUR BEDROOM RESTFUL. Phillip Goldberg and Daniel Kaufman, the author of everybody's guide to natural sleep,recommend keeping the bedroom quiet, dark, and comfortably cool.


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