Coping with Difficult Co-Workers in The Office

No two people are exactly alike, but they do share traits - and those traits aren't always positive. Some prefer drama or negative attention. They are everywhere, including the workplace. They might be on your team or sit in a nearby cubicle. It could be your boss, a vendor, The Non-management staffs or a colleague. They're combative, critical or non-productive.

Unless you are very lucky, some probably work with you. You aren't likely to change them, so the best you can do is come up with a plan to mitigate the misery. Here are some steps that can help you in Achieving this goals.

LABEL BEHAVIOURS, NOT PEOPLE.-Understanding the behaviour will help you identify the root of the problem and will likely help you build a strategy for having a more productive relationship with the person, Labelling and rating people limits you. You cannot see the potential in front of you because you're blinded by the label. Label the behaviour instead of the person. 

BE MORE OF A SOLUTION NOT THE PROBLEM.-Are you being pulled into the downward emotional spiral? More importantly what can you do to prevent this from happening? Be introspective. How are you contributing to the undesired behaviours and what is within your control to improve the situation? The bottom-line is don't let your action or inaction add OR make a bad situation worse.

CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE.-Some things are out of your control. Chances are you are not going to change this person, so your best bet is to focus on what you can control. You have at least two choices - focusing on the problems or focusing on creating solutions.If you change your perspective to focus upon solutions, you're more likely to gain solutions. 

GROW YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.-Emotional intelligence helps you deal with difficult people from a rational standpoint, allowing you to focus on the facts of the relationship by recognizing and managing your emotions as compared to those of the difficult person. It can't replace technical excellence, but it can multiply the business advantage for the company. And, it can multiply the effectiveness for the individual.

IDENTIFY THE REAL ISSUE.-Is the colleague’s behaviour impacting your work? If the answer is yes, try to communicate with him/her at a time and in a place that allows them some dignity. Then explain the situation.If you feel like you've exhausted those avenues than maybe it's time to talk to your manager or supervisor and get some assistance from them.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.-Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods, exercise, spend time with positive people, and reconnect with yourself.Doing so can only increase your odds of a better outcome and will help you lead a healthier, more manageable lifestyle. Find ways to reduce stress levels in your own life, like listening to music, meditation, exercise or a self-help book. For others it may be golf or fishing. Whatever you do to relax, make sure you are investing enough time in your own wellness.



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