Creating a supportive work environment can help you concentrate and work at your peak. Design and furnish your work space so that it is a place where you like to be. Make sure it has windows, plants, artworks. Music, and other things that sustain you. Consider the following:

  • LIGHTING. Lighting is the number-one contributor to productivity. For best results. Use natural light when possible, or full-spectrum bulbs. Avoid glare, and light various work tasks appropriately.
  • SOUNDPROOFING. Columbia University found that, of all environmental factors, unwanted noise has the strongest correlation to job stress. Other studies suggest that people who work in noisy settings are more likely to become discouraged than those working in a quieter environments. So find a sound level at which you can remain alert but still be able to concentrate.
  • OFFICE FURNITURE. Poorly designed furniture can cause irritating aches and pains and eat away subtly at your concentration. Furniture should be comfortable and ergonomically designed to avoid muscle strain and fatigue.
  • AROMATHERAPY. Psychologists at the city university New York have found that odours affect how we feel and how well we think. Peppermint, for example, stimulates productivity. Orange is relaxing, lavender is energizing; fresh flower, potpourris, incense, and oils to help you work more productively.
  • COLOUR. Dr Alexander G Schauss, a clinical psychologist and the director of the American institute for biosocial research, has found that the colours in our environment produce strong psychological and physiological effects. For example, red is energizing; blue is relaxing; yellow stimulates thinking and creativity.
  • FRESH AIR. Plants most certainly make excellent decorative items, but NASA research has shown that the right plants can also serve as air purifiers. Placing a spider plant, a peace lily, in your office can literally clear the air, absorbing chemical pollutants like ozone and other pollutants generated by your computer, rug, copy machine and others.


                                                                                                                                       Excerpts from Sarah and Paul Edwards (SECRETS OF SELF EMPLOYMENT).

16 Nov 2015
At: 06:24:11 PM

I am a huge huge fan of Mr Muyiwa Afolabi. You are always such an inspiration, sir.

Thank you for the amazing work that you are doing.

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