3 vital areas to deploy your sixth sense

There are three areas where you can use your intuition continually to make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

MAKING CHOICES: Whether you are communicating or negotiating or buying or selling, or accepting or leaving a job, you are always making choices of one kind or another. Some of these choices are not important, but many of them have potentially serious long-term consequences. Accepting a job, negotiating a salary, or going to work for a particular company at a particular time can have significant long-term consequences. Any decision that's has results that last long after you have made the decision is the kind of decision to which you need to apply your amazing intuitive powers.

PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: If you listen quietly to your inner voice, you will always get a good feeling about the right thing to do, or not to do, in every business situation. If you are in sales, whenever you are with a prospect or a client you can rely on your intuition to tell you what to do and what to say, and when to follow it, you will always find that it is leading you toward the right things.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP: Whether the relationship in question is with your spouse or child or a friend, your intuition will always tell you the right thing to do or say. All you need to do in any situation is quietly turn to your intuition and listen, and then say or do what seems most proper and natural. People get into or out of relationships or make decisions in their interactions with others even, when, deep inside, they know they are doing the wrong thing if ever you go against your intuition you almost always create problem that is bigger and more difficult to deal with than if you had listened to your intuition in the first place.



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